things I want to remember...

You're probably wondering where you've landed. This is sorta like my "Favorites" ~ only they're my visual cues... A lot of times I see something cool & then forget where I scribbled the url, or can't find it in my "favorites"... but I'll know it when I see it!

I thought I'd just leave this blog visible to everyone else in case anyone wanted to see what kind of things I want to remember, like a little peek into my brain - LOL! Obviously it's open for anyone to link things to. Which creates a dilema of sorts, but not really. I decided if anyone links something for me to see & I like it, it will stay. If I don't like it, it will go ~ no offense intended or hard feelings. Just a little experiment...


  1. Arielle, this is such a good idea. I think I might need one of these pages....I'm swimming in posties!! ~Lisa

  2. What a fantastic idea Arielle. I might have to try this too, LOVE it! Like Lisa I have little notes everywhere!